Thank you for arriving here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Having you as a new reader makes everything that I’ve been working on that much more fulfilling. My hope is that this will be a blog that you bookmark and check frequently. The stories that I bring to you are works of my passion that I look forward to you reading. There’s plenty to discover so settle in and devour tales that will keep you coming back for more.

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    In a content creation saturated world, it’s easy for the writer to lose focus. I am not a content creator. Yes, this is a blog. But, content creation is not what I do. Content creation tools are just that for me, tools to help me market myself as a writer. But even that description isContinue reading “REMEMBER”
  • ONE
    In the more-is-more world that we love in, it’s easy to lose sight of an important truth. Everything starts with one. There are always exceptions, but that doesn’t negate the rule. We writers have to start somewhere. Much of that is lost, when we get too grandiose in our ideas of what our writing lifeContinue reading “ONE”
    I remember how overwhelming it was to research writing advice. The beginning of the search would be fine, until I found information that curtailed what I was trying to accomplish. So, in an effort to save the efforts of other aspiring writers, I’m going to answer those same questions that I had. 1. IS MYContinue reading “ANSWERS”
    I know that most of us here are writers, but what was your light bulb moment? You know, that moment when you pulled the trigger on your passion and published your first work? My story’s a simple one, but I will never forget it. I was on a blog post similar to this one. TheContinue reading “WHAT’S YOUR STORY?”
    I’m not calling anybody a name I’m just saying… Those who only read work by “approved” names, are book snobs. I don’t know about you, but unless you write your book in Pig Latin, a few snafus here and there won’t deter me. And the only reason why I object to Pig Latin, is becauseContinue reading “BOOK SNOBS”
  • “TV”
    If you’re a writer and you’ve always wanted to write for a tv show, or in this age, a web-drama, then Kindle Vella is a good way to get a feel for that world. And yes, there are plenty of sites to get a feel for the whole serial writing genre, but since I’m neckContinue reading ““TV””
    Shout out to all who have stopped by for a visit to this blog. I appreciate your time and attention. While many may not be sure about the whole Kindle Vella stratosphere, I understand your apprehension as a reader. The last thing that I want to do is get hooked on those first three episodesContinue reading “TO THE READING WRITER”
    The most difficult thing about being a writer is everything other than writing. It feels like knowing a great secret that you have to beg to tell. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen your fair share of debates. Too many debates flatlined, while the opponents struggled with definitions. As anti-climactic as a debate ofContinue reading “WHAT ABOUT YOU?”
    If you’re curious about what you don’t want to miss, then you can find out all about it in my newest Serial in the Kindle Vella store. I’m not sure if my persuasion holds a candle to the cover art on my new series, so I’ll shut up and let the picture below do theContinue reading “YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!”
    If serials are your thing, then make sure that you give my new serial story, PLAY BOYFRIEND a spin. Episode 1 is ready for your reading pleasure. The first three episodes are free and will be available on the Kindle Vella store. Follow the story to get updated when episodes are released. Follow the thumbnailContinue reading “PLAY BOYFRIEND”